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Stupid Human Tricks

Relationship Rescue with Julie Goodnight Stupid Human Tricks: Unsafe Mistakes We Make Around Horses If you get too comfortable around a horse (even one that you have a great relationship with), you may put yourself
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Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight On Trailer Safety

Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight on Trailer Safety:
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Rolling Horse

Dear Julie, I have known Joe to roll for years and always warn riders if he puts his nose down and smells the ground get the nose up and move him or he will roll.
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Grieving The Loss

A grieving horse may constantly look for his missing friend—checking out the empty stall and waiting for a return that won’t come. When horses realize another won’t return, dynamics within the herd can quickly change.
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The Draw Of Horses After An Accident

Horses have their own gravity. If you’ve loved them in the past and been pushed away because of an injury or accident, it’s possible you’ll be drawn right back to their beautiful, sleek, powerful sides.
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Why Does My Horse Rear?

A rearing horse is dangerous—when you’re on the ground or when you’re riding. Riding Right with Julie Goodnight Why does my horse rear? Dear Julie, I have a 12-year-old quarter horse gelding that hops up
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Issues From The Saddle: What To Do With A Horse That Bolts, Runs Off With Rider

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Julie, I enjoyed watching you present at Equine Affaire in MA this past November. I have been riding a good 15-20 years but most intensively the last 5-6….I
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Issues From The Saddle: Rearing Horse

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie Goodnight I am writing to you in regards to my horse’s problem with rearing, as someone that is experienced in horse behaviour I can not find
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