Plugging the Holes in Your Horse’s Training

Julie working with a horse on a leadline

You have future goals to accomplish with your horse, but you know you’re not ready yet. Equestrian sports require a long-term commitment and often the journey takes us places we didn’t imagine when we started.

This journey will require building new skills, but which ones? You and your horse will need lots of practice, but on what? You must keep your eyes on the prize, yet be willing to “go back to basics” to fill in holes that may be missing either in your horse’s training and experience, or your own.

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3 Leadership Activities Logo

By: Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight gives you three fun activities designed to enhance the bond you have with your horse and solidify your role as herd leader. During cold winter months, you likely trail ride less frequently than you do in warmer months. You might even turn your horse out […]

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Sit the Spook Learn how to sit the spook on trail for safety and control with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. All horses are capable of spooking. Horses are hardwired to flee in response to fear. They’re naturally programmed to watch for danger and for the herd leader’s cue for when to bolt. Get away first; […]

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Leg-sensitive Horse Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, I have been given a 12 year old gelding that I am very much attached to and enjoy riding. The problem is that he has had some past abuse issues and under saddle he is a nervous wreck. On a trail ride, he will mainly jig […]

Riding Skills: How Do I Get A Secure Seat To Ride Out Spooks? Logo

Question Category: Riding Skills Question: Dear Julie, Last night I watched your TV show on introducing the horse to the surf. It was very informative but the thing that impressed me the most was how you maintained your wonderful, balanced seat and body position while the horse was jumping sideways! Unfortunately, when my horse spooks […]

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Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: My riding instructor and I have a question regarding using one rein while riding. I’ve seen it mentioned in several different articles and books. John Lyons discusses using one rein when starting a young horse. My instructor learned the technique from Karen O’Connor. When we use it on […]

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Question Category: Issues from the Ground Question: I have been noodling this problem through for a long time but I don’t really know how to help my horse further. My big gray QH (“Saul”) and I have been together for almost 10 years now. We have come a long way together in that time. He […]