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Issues from the Ground: Lead line leadership

Question Category: Issues from the Ground

Question: I know I need to teach my horse to respect me while I’m leading him at halter. He’s pushy and pulls me. How do I get started? How can I teach my horse the skills he needs to behave while I’m

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Horses in the Cold: We Blanket for Our Needs, Not Theirs

It was 6 below zero this morning. Relatively warm by some standards, when you compare it to 25 below, which our neighbors had. That’s why our valley is known as “the Banana Belt of Colorado.”

While we recorded a mere -6° this morning, the valleys to the

Episode 222 – Starting Over

Starting Over: Julie Goodnight uses round-pen training to teach an overbearing, bucking Warmblood to respect his leader

Episode 221 – Letting Go

Letting Go: Julie Goodnight teaches a nervous rider the importance of relaxing her rein hold, riding with draped reins