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Truth Julie Ground Tying

Helping Horses, One Foster at a Time

I’m pretty sure no one loves horses more than I do, but I know a lot of you who love them just as much.  We’ve cultivated a small herd of
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Pepper watching pasture horses in the background

The Secret Ingredient: Managing the Herd-Bound Horse

At my ranch, we have seven geldings and one mare. When we brought my new foster mare, Truth, in for training the two mares were instantly drawn to each other
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Closeup of Truth's face

July 2021 Horse Report

I’ll admit, it’s been a bit of a lazy summer for me, and I’ve had lots of time to enjoy my horses in a more casual way. With no clinics,
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Horse rearing on the lunge line

“Rearing” to Go!

One of the most memorable episodes of Horse Master for me involved a lovely warmblood mare who developed a rearing problem after a successful run as a show jumper. The
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Julie riding Truth in a Western saddle

June 2021 Horse Report

Seems like just yesterday I was complaining about winter lasting too long, and now we are enduring a record-breaking heat wave! But ours is a dry heat, and with a
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Julie petting Pepper's neck

Does My Horse Like Me?

Recently I had a question from one of my podcast listeners, Benjamin. He asked: “Many blogs, books and online training resources talk about helping you develop the relationship you always
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Julie and Truth

May 2021 Horse Report

After a cold spring, our horses are finally able to graze green grass (and Annie’s svelte figure is soon to be replaced by the Michelin Man look). With Annie and
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Woodrow Rearing

Back From the Brink: Managing Emotional Meltdowns in Horses

No doubt about it—horses are emotional animals; perhaps more emotional than humans. As prey and herd animals, horses are programmed to adopt the emotions of the animals around them (herd
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Cultivating a Connection with Horses

Duke was a well-trained gelding, successful in the show ring as a youngster, then ridden extensively in the rugged mountains of Colorado. He was a handsome hunk of muscle, very
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Remi napping with herd.

March 2021 Horse Report

March has been a snowy month for us, but we are grateful for the moisture that will ease us out of drought conditions and help green up our pastures. It
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April 2021 Horse Report

Dear Friends, The horses are starting to shed and the outdoor arena has thawed enough to ride in—surely spring is around the corner! The horses are feeling frisky, and adventurous
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Secret Powers are Within You!

It should go without saying that training and riding a thousand-pound flight animal is complicated—it’s the only sport I know of that involves inter-species teamwork. Riding is a partnership of
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February 2021 Horse Report

Here in the high mountains of Colorado, we’re still in our deepest part of winter, with sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow. It’s the time of year when we go into
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Julie cantering palomino horse

Canter Hacks | Part 2: Canter Hacks for Advanced Horses & Riders

Sorry! If you got here from my March, 10 2021 newsletter, it took you to this post by mistake! Click here to continue reading my March 2021 blog post called,
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Julie with clydesdale colt

February 2021 Letter from Julie

Sorry! If you got here from my March, 10 2021 newsletter, it took you to this post by mistake! Click here to continue reading the March 2021 Letter from Julie
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Remi and Momma Joy turned out in the arena.

January 2021 Horse Report

Winter is long and hard, here in the high mountains of Colorado and although the days are getting longer now, subzero temperatures, wind and ice, make riding outdoors a challenge.
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