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5 Pound Challenge Monthly Post



My husband reminded me that we are going on a beach vacation soon— Yikes! The double whammy! Vacation calories plus skimpy clothing and bathing suits. If that doesn’t motivate me to lose weight, then what will? What was I thinking planning a beach vacation in the middle of winter? After the beach trip, I am headed to Arizona for the TV shoot and it’s true what they say about TV—it is not flattering to the figure (hence, the most common comment I get about the TV show—wow, you sure are smaller in real life!). So now I have incentive to keep trim; and lots of it! But seriously, I am way more concerned about how I feel about myself and my own health than I am about what others may think of me. I want to feel good about myself when I look I the mirror and I like the personal satisfaction that I feel from self-improvement, whether it be in the form of eating better, working out more or even reading a self-help book. What motivates you to skip that dessert, eat the salad instead of the lasagna or run the extra mile?   Does internal pressure get you motivated or are external pressures more effective? Are you good at calorie deprivation and self-control or do other kinds of diets work well for you?


Moving more is a big part of losing weight. It’s half the equation of calories-in/calories-out! And getting more fit will also help you ride better and handle your horse chores with ease. That’s why I did some groundwork alongside my horse yesterday. Dually had been a little off after slipping on the ice a few weeks ago, and since I had been away for a week (and also I had sunk a boatload of money into chiropractic, acupuncture, laser and pharmaceutical treatments), so I wanted to see how well he was moving before planning my week’s training schedule. I could have hooked him on a longe line and stood in the middle while Dually did all the work, but one glance at my Fitbit (my activity tracker) told me I needed to move more! Plus, I really wanted to see him moving on straight lines to see how evenly and how deeply he was tracking up. So I worked him at liberty and I walked alongside as he went all the way around the arena at the walk, trot and canter. I got 15 minutes of  great workout in deep footing and Dually and I shared a certain solidarity as we worked together. A bonding moment that burned some calories– it doesn’t get any better than that! I try to find something every day that causes me to get more exercise than I would have otherwise—taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking to the mailbox, doing a few squats if I have to reach down to pick something up, some pliés while I am cooking donner.

What’s your idea for moving more?


I started the 5 Pound Challenge and number of years ago with my friends and crew members, Lucy and Cheryl. On a walk one morning, the three of us made a pact that we would weigh ourselves that day and that we would work together to lose five pounds each. Not 10, not 20, just five. Then, we would do what we love to do the most—celebrate! We would celebrate together one evening and we would each give ourselves a treat, which we discussed at length, before settling on delightful prizes. It was about doing something positive, setting realistic goals and having a lot of fun in the process. Motivating and supporting each other was a big part of the plan. Years have gone by and we still adhere to the challenge—usually there’s five pounds to lose (or better fitness to gain).


Gradually we expanded our club online and encouraged anyone who wanted to play to be a part of it. Now, as I travel all around the country, I get to talk to “members” of the 5#C, as they share with me their solidarity. Thank you all for being a part of it! Today, the original founding members of the Five Pound Challenge, Julie, Lucy and Cheryl, got together for a 5 mile hike up a mountain road, and I snapped this picture. I’m not sure when our official anniversary is, but I’m happy to celebrate it now! Won’t you join us?

Lucy, Cheryl and Julie

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