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Talk About Tack: Elbow-Pull Bitting Device, Goodnight Bitting System

…is called an elbow-pull (or the Goodnight Bitting System on our site) and it is a long harness leather cord with snaps on each end. You can buy it from my website, with or without the instructional video called Bit Basics. The bitting device comes with instructions on how to…

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Bitting System

Using The Goodnight Bitting System The self-correcting bitting system I use is often called an elbow pull and it is a long harness leather cord with snaps on each end. To use the bitting tool, you place the middle of the cord over the horse’s poll and then run

June 2022 Horse Report

…and a major reconditioning program using my bitting system to engage his abdominal muscles and rebuild the atrophied muscles in his back. He is now pain-free, buffed-out, and moving better than I’ve ever seen him. Although Lenny’s days of riding in the high mountains are over, it’s great to see…

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The Different Types Of Bits

…pressure when they cooperated.

Many horses who have learned to ignore bit pressure—or who never learned how to respond in the first place—can learn quickly in the Goodnight Bitting System. The piece of tack, commonly called an elbow-pull biting rig teaches the horse to give longitudinally to the bit…

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Issues From The Saddle: How Much Does Conformation Have To Do With Movement

…To improve him, I would work on conditioning him in a round pen, at liberty, in a bitting device that encourages self-carriage. The type of bitting device I use is called an ‘elbow pull,’ or the Goodnight Bitting System. In time (months), with better conditioning, be can improve his self-carriage…

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Teaching Green Horse Collection

…ground. You can find out more in the DVD Bit Basics & Goodnight’s Bitting System. The value of the elbow-pull is that it is self-correcting, meaning that your timing and response (or lack thereof) is taken out of the equation. When the horse comes into the correct frame, he automatically…

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My Horse Is Tossing And Shaking His Head

Common Complaints My horse is fussy with his head.

Help keep your horse from shaking his mane with these anti-head tossing tips from Julie Goodnight.

When you ride, does your horse fuss with his head, throwing his nose up in the air and tossing his mane?

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Reconditioning Program

…of January, I’d start adding some trotting (in-hand). Practice your walk-trot-walk-halt transitions and you and your horse will really get in sync with each other. As a bonus, you’ll get in better shape too! You can also start using an elbow pull (I call mine Goodnight’s Bitting System) to help…

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Riding The 20+ Year Old Horse

…been sedentary to get back into condition. You’ll have to take it slowly—make it a six month plan, for starters. Maybe start with walk-only rides 3-4 times a week for a month, then start adding a little trotting. You can also use my bitting system as a means to strengthen…

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Head Down Cue

…I want the horse to just get used to the mild snaffle in his mouth, with no pressure applied to the bit. This may take days or weeks; the horse determines the time frame. Then we will put the horse in an elbow-pull (The Goodnight Bitting System available at http://shop.juliegoodnight.com)…

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Issues From The Saddle: Barrels To English

…are definitely going from one extreme to another going from barrels to English. I would start with teaching her to accept riding on contact.

I suggest using my bitting system to teach her to give to pressure on the reins. It is a self-correcting device and it teaches the…

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Riding English

…Clinician _________________________________ If you liked this article, Julie suggests watching the Myler’s free online videos at http://juliegoodnight.com/mylervideos.html and the following products to help you continue the work with your horse (http://shop.juliegoodnight.com or call 719-530-0531 for ordering help): The Goodnight Bitting System The Goodnight’s Principles of Riding 5-Part DVD Series