Do You Have a Codependent Relationship with Your Horse?

…horsemanship clinic from me, has heard me talk about “The Golden Moments.” It’s the time at the beginning of the ride when the rider should test the horse’s level of obedience and make her expectations abundantly clear to the horse. If the rider is not proactive at this time, the…

View of an arena through a horse's ears.

Horse Goals or Bust Part 7: It’s Go Time!

…Reviewing the Golden Moments may help.

We’re not in Kansas Anymore

Riding in unfamiliar situations can be challenging, and horses often act differently than they do at home. Horses are very location-specific in what they learn and how they act.

If your plans involve…

horseback riders at the beach in the water in Ireland

October 2022 Horse Report

After two weeks of clinics and tours, I arrived home from Ireland to the peak of fall weather here in the Rocky Mountains. One day I was riding horses on the Wild Atlantic Coast of County Galway in the

Cultivating a Connection with Horses

…happen right away upon your first interaction with the horse. The precedents you set on that initial encounter (which I often refer to as the “golden moments”), the impressions you give the horse about your confidence level and leadership, your tolerance or intolerance of certain behaviors, your strength, consistency and… Logo

Horse Behavior: Do Horses Prefer Male Over Female Riders?

…when a person approaches him showing a lack of confidence and uncertainty (as many women do). I talk a lot in my clinics about the first 10 minutes of your ride being the ‘golden moments’ where you show your horse your ability as a leader. And during that time, the… Logo

My Horse Is Herd-Bound And Barn Sour

…of different horses each year; between clinics and expos, I sometimes ride or work with as many as 10-15 different horses a week on a one-time basis. In five minutes or less, what I call “the golden moments,” I can convince the horse that I’m in charge by simply controlling…

Julie teaching a clinic

Beyond Clinics: You Get Out What You Put In

…didn’t want to go clockwise, we just kept backing- twice around the ring!!! Finally, he got it! The first 10 minutes of Golden Moments Slow, easy figure 8s to relax him in the ring. Keeping him between my legs–in the tunnel

I made a list of what I wanted to…