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Issues From The Saddle: Jigging Horse Sensitive To The Leg

…I’ll do is answer your question in terms of what I most commonly see when people are dealing with issues such as you describe.

First, I’ll address the jigging on the trail. I have yet to encounter a horse that was not responsive to correcting this behavior. Most often,…

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When Whoa Means Go–Working With Off The Track Thoroughbreds


While any horse can be inadvertently taught to jig by their riders, race horses are particularly prone to this problem and as with many horse problems, the issue is actually the rider. On the track, horses are galloped on very heavy contact and when you want them…

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Leg-Sensitive Horse

…this point, it’s a chicken or egg scenario and the rider thinks she is holding the reins tight because your horse is jigging and your horse thinks he is jigging because the rider is holding the reins too tight.

The solution that I have always had success with…

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New Horse Issues

…will not go in for it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated… Thank you, Vickki

Answer: Vickki, Thanks for your email and it sounds like you are going through some fairly common scenarios with your new horse. Most often, horses are jigging because of the anxiety over the…

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Ride Right With Julie Goodnight: Confidence on the Trail

…Balance & Posture in Steep Terrain Safety: Emergency Brake, Stand Still for Mounting, & Reprogramming Spooky Behavior Training: Get Your Horse to Go the Speed you Ask—Every Time Jigging: Stop That Forever Sidepassing Skills Gate Opening & Closing Water Crossing Ground Tie Ponying Much More

Behavior Tip: Watch the