October 2019 Horse Report

…again, than he developed some minor soreness in his suspensory ligaments (possibly from some exuberant bucking in the round pen). Right now, he is on…

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Attacks In Round Pen

…thoroughly in my Round Pen Reasoning DVD. In the round pen, we are using natural herd behaviors to teach the horse that we are dominant…

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Extended Trot Instead Of Canter Cue

round pen and have him focused on me. Instead, when I turn him loose, he begins trotting or cantering around quickly before I even give…

Feed-Time Aggression Fix Q & A

…I own (to help with trailer loading if needed); one in the indoor arena for groundwork; one on the round pen gate and one on…

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My Horse Spooks And Lacks Focus

…lot of ground work too; some round pen, longeing, etc. I take him places, clinics and shows now and then, but I still struggle with…

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Riding Skills: One-Rein Stop

…and his sweet temperament on the ground and in round pen/lunging. Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Jude Answer: Jude,…

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Resistance to Canter

…from the Ground One thing I would do is address this issue of obedience from the ground. I would put him in the round pen

Cultivating a Connection with Horses

round penning, or going for a walk. Movement is often better for anxious horses, rather than standing still. Over time, horses get comfortable with a…

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Dominance Rehabilitation

…trust, you’ll need to build a relationship through groundwork. I would definitely start with round pen work, focusing on moving him away from you. I…

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Grieving The Loss

…relearn his manners and respect. I would do this first with round pen work and then with some lead line work (see Julie’s Round Pen