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February 2018 Horse Report

Never a dull moment with horses! Dually has had a little set back and is on stall rest for a bit. He’s 18 years old now, 54 in human years, and as some of us well know, we don’t bounce like we used to at that age! He’s getting some good therapy and I am hopeful we will get back to light riding soon.

Annie yawning with Dually in the backgroundIn the meantime, my little mare Annie is getting more workout than she bargained for! I took a crash course on Garrocha from my friend, Chris Cowherd, a local riding instructor that has been using Garrocha in her lessons for some time. I found a source for a pole and I know enough about it to be dangerous now, so I am ready to get started! I think Annie will enjoy a new challenge and see more purpose to it.

Eddie, my boy scout ranch horse is always up for an adventure, so we are thinking about using him for mounted shooting. Rich and Melissa, my barn manager, are enthusiastic to try the sport and I think Eddie would be the perfect mount! Megan, my communications manager, is heavily involved in the sport and it seems to be contagious. All we need are a couple of guns and some equine earplugs and we are ready to get started!

I love exploring new activities with my horses and I think it helps keep them fresh and engaged.

How about you? What new horse adventures do you have in store for this year?

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