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November 2018 Horse Report


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Annie is fully recovered from her sprained stifle and is back in training and looking fit again! Prior to her injury, she was in great shape. She got soft fast with a few weeks of stall rest, but her conditioning is coming back fast.

Rich and Eddie have been preparing for their first Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition. Eddie seems to love this sport because it is easy for him to understand, and it takes the focus off of him. I’m excited to hear how he does at the shoot.

My little Pepperoni continues to light up my life. We are still working on the basics—go forward, go straight, no you cannot do whatever you want—but his talent is shining through. His spins and stops will be exceptional. Although we have a competition in April, I am not in a hurry with his training—he’s just a 2-year-old. He is quite easy to train and it’s worth taking him slowly so that he fully learns each skill, before moving onto the next. Keeping his training sessions fun and short will help keep his attitude positive.

I hauled him up to Colorado State University at the beginning of this week for some travel experience, along with Eddie to help babysit. I’m up here teaching and lecturing for several different classes in the Equine Science program, and I am looking forward to working with the students and having some dedicated quality time with my horses.

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