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Motivation For Riding More


I haven’t been riding much lately, have you? Tons of work to do in the office  it’s been hard to get motivated. I have ridden one of my geldings for sale a few times, because I had some motivation for that, with a buyer coming to see him.

What I need is some motivation to ride my own horse. Once I am on him, I have plenty of motivation because he is a total blast to ride! It’s the suiting up and getting away from the office that I have trouble psyching myself into. Especially if I have no pressing need to ride—like a clinic, show or expo to prepare for. It’s not like he needs the training–he’s very push-button and can stand for months and still be on the mark in his riding.

But when I have a goal looming in the future, it is an easy thing to get myself motivated to ride. This year, because of a hectic travel schedule, I don’t think I’ll be able to do any competing and it looks like I may only make it to one, or at best, two clinics with my husband this summer (hopefully he will not read this). So it looks like my horse may be destined to get fat and out of shape this year.

For now, it’s easy to make the excuse since I’m too busy (like now with several deadlines hanging over my head)! Soon, both Rich and I will get antsy about riding and we’ll find the motivation. Maybe I’ll work on a new video with my horse for this summer or record more mounted workout audios.

This is my last of four weeks at home and I am going to take full advantage of it. As much as I love to travel, it’s always good to be home. Our new pup is growing up fast—she’s nearly doubled in size and she’s training up nicely and staying out of trouble for the most part and it’s been good to have time at home with her.

Enjoy the ride,


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  1. Luckily Kansas weather is hardly ever dependable and sometimes we get at least on really warm day. I make a point to everyone that I should be able to ride when those days come along. Most of the time though I just ride a lot in the fall and a lot in the spring.

  2. Some thoughts about safety-nothing new but can’t hurt to repeat it:wear a helmet, if you go trail riding take a lead rope, have a halter on under the headstall or a combo headstall, wear boots you can walk in if you need to, carry a cell phone, get your horse used to lots of stuff before hand-in this case it was a piece of wire on a leg that started a bad rodeo. Get your horse used to stuff around his legs. Don’t overface your horse-stay within his level of training.

  3. We are suddenly having a freak warm spell where we live (like 69degrees now-snow a couple weeks ago)Talk about the motivation to ride returning real quick! I’m mulling over putting something on here about a wreck my friend had 2 days ago with her horse. I have to figure out what is relevant to other people yet. She is seriously injured and it was intense. My horse, who can have an attitude, came through for me in a big way. I keep thinking about these sale horses Julie talks about that are safe. Lots of money but if a person can manage the finances, it seems like a great way to go. Especially after what I just witnessed.

  4. I wish I had an indoor arena to make a trip to to ride in. I use my snow packed 1000′ driveway which the wind blows across to ride in the winter.Like you tho there isnt much riding being done between job and life in general and motivation being the big factor. Enjoying your blog. Happy riding when you can.

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