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It’s Summertime!

…And the living is easy.

Hello friends,

What a relaxing few days it has been! Just to update you on the new horse, we had a nailing biting couple days waiting for the results of the vet check. Diggs showed a positive reaction to the flex test on the left front and right hind; so xrays were ordered. Fortunately the xrays did not show anything surprising—the left front was clean and the right hock showed some arthritic changes that would be expected on a horse that has performed to Digg’s level since he was a three year old. We were not under the illusion that his joints would be as smooth as a baby’s bottom—just needed to know they were manageable.

So, it’s official! Diggs is Rich’s new horse and they had their first “official” ride together after the positive results came in from the vet exam. They looked awesome together—what a great match! Rich rode Diggs beautifully—much more relaxed than when we were trying him out. Diggs was right there with him every step of the way and I couldn’t help but notice the sh*#-eating grin on Rich’s face as he rode.

We’ve started Digg’s on Cosequin ASU, a high-potency joint health product for performance horses and I think once that takes hold and his conditioning program kicks in, he’ll be good to go.

Our July 4th celebration was pretty mellow—worked around the house, rode, BBQ at the neighbors, watched the fireworks in town from here—some 7 miles away. In bed by 10:30 and up early this morning to enjoy more hanging around the house. Putzed around in the garden, did some work in the office and now I am headed out to the arena for a late afternoon ride.

We have some friends coming over for a BBQ tonight, then we’ll play a little pool. We are hopeful that this will be one of those rare summer evenings when it is actually warm enough to sit outside and eat. Those nights are few and far between up here at 8,000 feet above sea level, but we have the deck heaters to keep us warm as long as the wind is not too bad.

What a great weekend; and still one more day to go! It doesn’t get any better than that. I hope you are enjoying some relaxing time with friends and family this weekend.




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