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Trailering Safety With Leg Wraps


Trailering Safety with Leg Wraps
Protecting your horse’s leg during trailering or shipping is cheap insurance. As a hose rides in a trailer, there are constant challenges to his balance and on occasion he may lose his footing and step on himself or get stepped on by another horse. To protect your horse’s legs, you can use quilts and polo wraps or protective shipping boots made specifically for the purpose. Whichever kind of protection you use, make sure there is padding, so as not to restrict the horse’s circulation and that the wraps come down low, covering the coronary band. This delicate area at the top of the hoof is easily damaged when the horse trips or steps on himself; by covering it with the wrap or boot, it protects this sensitive area from damage.
–Julie Goodnight

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  1. Hi,

    I am a library member. I would like more information on when to use Shipping Boots when trailering a horse, particularly during the summer months. My friends and I have a trip planned in August and will be trailering our horses up to 12 hours (with frequent stops along the way). This has been a very hot summer and we do not want to put our horses in jeopardy using boots that might not be good for this kind of heat. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kim,
      The website is searchable by topic so you can search “shipping” and or “boots.” It’s always good to get your vet’s advice in matters like this. Thank you, -TWC

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