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Catch And Hold

Catch and Hold
When you approach a horse out in the field to catch him, be prepared with your halter and lead rope ready. Approach toward the horse’s shoulder—not directly in front of the horse, and extend your hand when you get close, allowing him to smell you. To fit your horse with his rope and halter, first place the end of the lead rope around his neck, so that you have control. Then bring the halter under his neck with your left hand and reach over his neck at the withers with your right hand to grab the crown piece of the halter. You’ll have the halter ready in both hands as you reach up toward his ears and drop his nose in the slot and gently bring the crown piece over his ears to fasten. This method keeps your horse more secure while you are haltering him and prevent you from accidentally slapping him with the halter as you put it up over his ears. If you use a rope halter, make sure to tie it correctly, so that the excess rope points toward your horse’s rear. For more detailed halter-tying directions, download a PDF at: or


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