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Julie’s Training Log: November 2015

As I write my articles for November’s newsletter, Equine Affaire is quickly approaching! Hard to believe, one of my favorite expos is so close. Equine Affaire is November 12-15, 2015 and I will be there doing presentations all four days on various subjects including behavior, bits, riding later in life, soft and clear cueing, and leads. I will also be the Emcee for the Versatile Horse & Rider Competition, a fun event you’ll enjoy watching. There will be lots of other educational presentations, along with a renowned trade show full of shopping opportunities. Please stop by my booth #3021 and say “HI.” I will have two of my Peak Performance saddles on display along with lots of other merchandise-old favs and new exciting products.

My number one horse Dually, is sure keeping me on my toes these days. Although he was fatally ill in the spring, he is fully recovered now and getting sassier by the day! Any time a horse gets that sick, just like with people, there are lingering effects, recovery can be slow and rest and a low-stress lifestyle will promote faster healing. We’ve been nursing him along for a while now, but gradually Dually has come back to full health. We have slowly increased his exercise over the past few months, but recently he has been showing me that he is ready for more. I love it that my dearest and most athletic horse is back to feeling frisky—showing off and acting cocky at times. He’s a sprinter in his heart and I just love it when I feel the incredible burst of speed that he loves to give me when I ask, but only if he’s feeling good. So now we are getting back into a more normal training routine, but I am still deciding what out winter training goals will be.

I haven’t had as much time to ride my own horses lately, having been on the road most of the month so far. But with the holidays approaching, I’ll be at home more. Fortunately, I have a trusted rider and barn manger, Mel, who works our horses and takes care of them as if they were her own, in sickness and in health. It’s very important to me that my horses stay fit and well-tuned in their training, since riding is such an important part of my job and my horses are crucial to my success. And since a passion for horses is what drove me to my career in the first place, the health and well-being of my horses is very dear to my heart, as it is to most horse owners.

As the holidays approach, I know I will have more time at home, to reconnect with my horses and to keep the ideas flowing in my head, so that I am better at what I do—helping horses, one human at a time.

Enjoy the ride,

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  1. So Glad that Dually is making a full recovery. That’s so important for you and your peace of mind. Look forward to seeing you once again at Equine Affaire next week. We’ll be there all 4 days so it will be nice to reconnect. Stay well and have a safe flight to CT/MA & enjoy any rides you get in between. We are heading to the barn right now. Temp is in the 70’s!!
    Diane Day (Jim says hi too and will see you there).

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