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Police Horse Update

Thanks in part to all the comments they have received from many of you and others in Hawaii and beyond, the Honolulu Police Department has indicated that the horses will all be kept together and will most likely be sent to the retirement home on the Big Island. It is not official yet, since they still have to work through all the bureaucratic channels, but they have made statements that indicate that is what will happen. When we get an official word, we’ll be sure to let you know. Here’s the original post and your many comments:

On a sad note, someone tweeted to me last week that the Boston Mounted Police unit was disbanded and the horses were sent to the NYPD to go on patrol there. I am sorry for those officers that lost their partners and whose hard work had to end so abruptly. But I am glad the horses will continue their police work as long as they are able.

Hopefully the NYPD Mounted Unit is strong and not being threatened by budget cuts. If any of you have more information than the “word of mouth” info I’ve gotten on Honolulu, Boston and NYPD, be sure to let me know.

Thanks for all your support of horses and our law enforcement officers.


Photo: Sgt Deborah Wilson has headed up the Honolulu unit the past 10 years and who now is working to care for the horses and insure their future.

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