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We had a great time in Murfreesboro last weekend for the inaugural QuarterFest; a fantastic tribute to the American Quarter Horse and the people who own them. There was certainly something for everyone; from great shopping to thrilling entertainers; from horse camping to riding trial obstacles; from reining to roping to mounted shooting; from colt-starting to learning advanced cues for collection and lateral movements. Kids could get a star, strip and a snip painted on their faces, then get on a trusted old steed and take a test ride. It was a power-packed program with some of the top performers in the industry in terms of entertainment and education.


The evening performance was a top-rate production with Tommy and Karen Turvey and their wild act; Jerry Diaz, famous Charro and trick roper; Bob Avila giving reining and cow horse demos and other great acts. Meanwhile, during the day, Curt & Tammy Pate, Jeff Griffith and I all gave clinics each day—covering a wide range of topics and interests. QuarterFest will be an annual event and I’m sure, baring bad weather and tornadoes, more people will take advantage of this fabulous opportunity next year.

I am home three days this week; sadly only one to go. But I’ve already walked up “butt hill” twice this week and ridden my horse once. I’m continuing the five-pound challenge with my friends Cheryl and Lucy. We all got down to our skivvies and weighed in; now all we have to do is lose five pounds in the next month and we win the big prize (which we haven’t decided on yet). It’s fun to make a solemn pact with friends—makes dieting easier and more fun. There are only two ways to lose weight: eat less and move more. I think I’ll try them both. What works best for you?

Until next time, enjoy the ride!



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  1. Ok! I’m in! I like the 20% tip! I’ll start with 20% less ice cream!
    Emily Peak (@ausunshine)

  2. About the dieting-I’ve been skinny (not just slender) my entire life. You all probably are envious but don’t be. It gets old having people, even that you don’t know very well, tell you to put on some weight or that you are looking thin. I don’t tell people they look fat! I’m a vegetarian so people always think that’s it but I was skinny from day 1. Maybe it’s because I eat to live, not live to eat.

    Anyway, I wanted to post because I just watched the Horsemaster episode with Devon. Oh my gosh, did he ever do great!!!!! Devon, if you read this, you are an inspiration to be able to do what you are asked so beautifully. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of these Arizona episodes. These were some horses with issues that you could sure see get turned around. Julie, your show needs to be an hour. Tell RFD.

  3. Too bad about the rain, but the QuarterFest sounded great. I own an apendix quarterhorse mare and used to have a quarterhorse gelding. About the weight. Wow I really need to get on the weight loss wagon. I keep thinking about swimming. I’m not so good with the less eating part.

  4. Uh-oh. I am travelling to your clinic this weekend with a friend whose birthday is coming up next week and I thought I would make a pan of chocolate upside down cake to share with everyone to help her celebrate. Maybe this is bad timing in light of your five-pound challenge! But, there are lots of good things in chocolate upside down cake–antioxidants in the chocolate, calcium in the real whipped topping… we’ll be able to work the rest off, won’t we??

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