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Exercising With Bareback Riding


After weeks of still days we finally had a blustery morning when I went for my daily two mile walk. Naturally it was the first day of fall.  I walked uphill with the wind at my back and the warm sun on my face and felt the courage of my convictions behind me gusting the sails of my wind breaker. It’s always good to have a tail wind when you’re going uphill, but sometimes you have to turn around and face the wind. Maybe there’s a metaphor for life there, you think?

At my regular turnaround spot (the bridge over the creek) I did my stretching routine then turned back into the wind, like a trail horse headed for home. The wind hit me so hard in the face I had to crank my itunes to max volume and could still barely hear the music with my head tucked down to keep my hat on. It really wasn’t too bad, but if it had been 10 degrees instead of 50, I think the treadmill wins out.

Sadly for me, riding isn’t enough exercise unless I ride bareback or do 10 minutes posting trot without stirrups, both of which I don’t mind doing on occasion. But I like my constitutional walk every morning early. As I approach 50, it’s harder to maintain my weight; I’d rather exercise than not enjoy meals but I am not sure I can exercise enough to balance out the meals I like to enjoy. What about you? What’s your exercise routine? Or are you over 50 yet?

Enjoy the ride,



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  1. I will be 55 this month. My shape is “round”, but I could outwork most 55 yo’s I think. It’s all in keeping active. Did you see the report that Amish women are more fit because they work very hard? Seems if you work 3 hours a day it will keep a lot of weight off.
    So if you don’t have a gym – take the clothes washer to the barn and start sewing your own clothes.
    You first! Lol. Kathy

  2. Well, not over 50 yet, but I still know what you mean about having to change things up as we get older. I’ve given up desserts and started working out more and have lost 20 lbs so far, but I need to lose another 20 and they seem to be the hardest yet. I know I’ll never look like I did at 20, but I don’t want to get out of breathe going up the stairs at home either 😉

    Slow and steady I supposed. Everyone says that’s the best way to lose and maintain. Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser is a FANTASTIC motivator…check out her routines!

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