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What I Do For the Holidays

To be honest, I rarely do any horse chores around here and it is always good when I do have to feed, so that I can review each horse’s needs and status. So I always feed on the big holidays 4-5 times a year. I guess after 25 years of being in the horse business, I deserve not to have to do chores every day. But I do not take my “life of luxury” for granted; I am thankful for the people that take care of my horses about 360 days a year.

It was a beautiful day for skiing at our home mountain, Monarch Mountain We are always thankful to have enough snow to open the ski area by Thanksgiving.

It was a warm day with classic Colorado Bluebird skies and not a lick of wind (something we are always thankful for around here). Rich and I had a great day of skiing– perusing the mountain, looking at the conditions and coverage.

Came home early enough to clean stalls, feed and cook a couple dishes for dinner. I made some killer sweet potatoes (with pecans, pure maple syrup, whipped cream and copious amounts of butter); and a tasty green salad with pecans, feta and dried cranberries. Fortuantely my dishes turned out well, otherwise my friends wouldn’t have put up with me since I dropped the entire bowl of mashed potatoes on the floor, shattering and splattering, just at the beginning of the meal. I am thankful for kind and understanding friends and sorry about all that unused delectable gravvy Cheryl made.

Mostly this year I am thankful for my son and his strong and sturdy constitution. It is ten weeks since his accident and when I think back to that initial week, it is an utter miracle that he is even alive, let alone making all the progress that he is. Hunter continues to grow a little stronger every day and although he has a long road ahead of him, we are thankful for each step he takes.
I hope you have had plenty of cause to be thankful this year and that your holiday weekend was spent with family and friends, surrounded by laughter and fun.
All the best,

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