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Today’s College Education


I am on my way home from Fort Collins CO, where I have been in meetings for two days with the Colorado State University Equine Science Advisory Board. I really enjoy this annual meeting for a number of reasons. First, it is the only advisory committee I’ve been on where they actually ask the committee for input and then enact what we say. The goal of the committee is to help CSU Equine remain the top 4-year equine program in the country and to turn out students that are not only employable, but who will enjoy great success in the horse industry. I think the program has made some progressive changes in the past few years that will keep it at the top. CSU Equine students can now get a minor in business (boy—I wish I’d had that!) and after graduating they can come back and receive a Masters in business in one year! I really wish that had been around when I was in college—but they barely even had computers then! What would you want out of an equine education?

The other reason I enjoy the committee meeting is because it is made up of some of the most influential people in the horse industry covering a broad range of sectors from Thoroughbred racing to reining to veterinary medicine to some of the top breeders and trainers out there. It’s fun to get to know these people and an honor to be a part of the deal


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