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Pony Power

Good Day!

Leadership and authority are the subjects of today’s show, “Pony Power.” Starring Zeke and his naughty pony Frost, you’ll see an amazing transformation from an obnoxious, spoiled pony who walks all over Zeke, head buts him and drags him to the grass. Turns out the pony knows exactly how to be a perfect citizen, she’s only lacking a reason to do so.

I knew within seconds of taking hold of the pony that she knew how to act in the presence of authority. With only brief reminders of her manners, she morphed into a perfect angel. So the main goal would be to teach Zeke how to take charge—the pony knew how to act. Fortunately, that turned out to be easy for two reasons.

First, Zeke totally understood what I explained to him about authority and leadership in the horse herd and he was eager and coordinated enough to do exactly as I said. For a 10 y/o boy, he was incredible! Of course, anytime you give a young boy permission to “smack” an opponent, he’s happy to comply. After only one or two “spankings” from Zeke, Frost looked upon him with new eyes.

The second reason we had so much success with Zeke and his pony was that my dear friend, Twyla Walker, who trained with me for years was here to supervise the riders and horses through their practice sessions. With supervised practice, it insured that they practiced correctly and Twyla was able to continue the coaching so the rider’s understanding increased with their skill. I wish I could take Twyla with me to every shoot! It made a huge difference in all 5 episodes that we filmed here.







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