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January 2021 Letter from Julie

Dear friends,

Rich and I spent the holidays alone and together. For Christmas, we enjoyed a few unseasonably warm days at the lake, boating, in almost complete and utter solitude. As it turns out, ice on the water and 40+ mile-per-hour winds is enough to keep most people away from water sports. But for us, it was relaxing, peaceful and blissful. New Years eve is normally uneventful for us, and this year was no exception. To say I am an early-to-bed-early-to-rise person is a gross understatement. Usually we go skiing on NYE, then catch the ski area fireworks right after sundown, then go home to catch dinner and a movie. This year the fireworks were cancelled, so we just skipped straight to dinner, movie and in bed by nine (IBBN is a motto I live by).

I’m still formulating my new year’s resolutions for 2021, how about you? It’s hard to predict just how the year will unfold and I am trying to find the right mindset about it. I’m pleased with how well I did last year in fulfilling my NY’s resolutions. I completed all my over-due, routine medical exams and tests (gotta love the tele-medicine), including mammogram and colonoscopy (if only this could be virtual), and I am happy to say I am healthy as a horse. I was also resolute about severely reducing the amount of copy paper and printing that my business and I consumed. On top of that, I managed to clean out and reorganize my cupboards and pantry—long past due! The latter resolution no doubt attributable to the covid-stay-at-home situation (there’s a silver lining to every pandemic). Cleaning out my tack room is next on the list!

I’m a big fan of making and keeping resolutions, but the key is in making the right ones. I look for things that will make me a better person, things I really want to get done and things that are fun, easy, or satisfying to strive for. Some might argue that it’s cheating, like putting something on your to-do list that you already did, then crossing it off. Okay, I admit it, sometimes I do that too, but only because I savor the moment of accomplishment. New Year’s resolutions can be the same way.

If your NY’s resolutions include items like riding more, doing more groundwork, or improving your horsemanship skills, take a look at my online training program—Goodnight Interactive Academy. It could be your key to accomplishment with your horse this year. If you are committed to learning and enjoy structured assignments, hands-on exercises, and multi-media study resources, this program is for you. Plus it comes with personalized and unlimited coaching from me. Together, we’ll make sure you reach your horsemanship goals!

I’m optimistic about 2021 and the promise it brings. I eagerly await my turn to take the covid-19 vaccine and I am confidant that in a few short months, this pandemic will be in our rear view mirror, like Hindsight is 2020! I’m excited to get back on the road, getting face-to-face with you and your horses again, and helping you mark a few to-do items off your horsemanship list. I have four vacation clinics planned this year at the C Lazy U Ranch, here in Colorado, and we are booking clinics now, at private facilities around the country. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a Goodnight Horsemanship clinic at your facility.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!

Enjoy the ride,

Julie Goodnight (signature)

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