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About Ride On with Julie Goodnight

In every episode, I’ll share insight on training topics from ground manners to lead changes, horse behavior or riding tips. 

Listen anytime as you ride or on your drive to the barn. New episodes are released every month! 

Got Horse Goals? Start Your Journey:

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Download Your 2023 Horse Goals or Bust Goal-Setting Guide
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STEP 1 | Setting Goals
Reflect on the past year to envision what you want this year.
STEP 2 | Your Plan of Action
Use your reflections to craft your goals & outline your plan of action.
STEP 3 | Fitness & Conditioning
Evaluate your horse’s current fitness level & develop a conditioning plan.
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Julie is Awesome
Julie is awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this, we all appreciate it! Julie has the best advice!
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Thank You, Julie!
Julie is the real deal and this podcast is the best. FREE advice from such an accomplished horsewoman is an incredible gift. I keep my horses on my own place, so I need to keep top-notch information coming to me. So glad I found this inspirational podcast to help me move forward with my horses. Thank you, Julie. It is wonderful. I will be sharing!
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Is Your Horse a Good Citizen?
Excellent and informative podcast! This podcast touches on every person’s and every horse’s good qualities as well as the negative qualities ...and how to improve and change the negative ones! Easy and relaxing listening to important information that all horse people should hear and learn from!!!
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Julie’s podcasts are really helpful! She gives clear, easy to follow descriptions of problems & solutions. She breaks things down so they make sense. I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much, I signed up for one of her clinics in Colorado! I can’t wait!!! Thank you Julie Goodnight for this!!!
Filly Bu$ter
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Extremely Helpful
I just recently found this podcast. I have been following Julie Goodnight for a couple of years; watching her at clinics, following her on Facebook. I love how she keeps it simple and easy to understand. I got caught up in listening several good trainers, but it was causing me to try too many methods on my horse leading to very inconsistent riding skill on my part. I have decided to follow just one trainer and focus on those methods. Thank you Julie for helping this rider!!
M Meade
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Great Info!!
I recently found this podcast and I am hooked! I’ve admired and learned from Julie Goodnight from watching her demos at expos and watching her tv program. She always makes things seem so doable no matter what your problem. She manages to give that same feeling when I listen to the podcast. It is inspiring and educational as well as entertaining hearing her stories of past horses who were challenges I highly recommend listening to this if you are interested in increasing your knowledge and skills with horses!
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Good Advice
Hello Julie, You have no idea how your podcast gives me good advice, validating some of my approaches or bringing me back to a more constructive perspective. So let me say a big thank you.
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