Quick Tip to Recondition Your Horse

Here’s a quick tip for a plan to recondition your horse if they’ve been off for a while. Thanks to Cosequin Equine for sponsoring this tip!

Bridling & Un-bridling Western

Emergency Stop

1121: Helping in the Desert, Part 1

Episode 1121

Julie talks to Cristi Silverberg-Rose about her therapeutic facility in Arizona, where she helps military, first responders, and their families.


1118: The General Manager

Meet Kale, a young boy that helps the famed Grand Oak Resort facility. His nickname is “The General Manager” and he knows how to do everything but Julie is going to help where she can..


1117: Horses on the Beach

Julie puts on a short clinic on the beach, where she helps those at the American Heart Association Fundraiser get their horses desensitized to the beach and the waves.


1116: Training Humans, Part 4

Part 4. A day in the life of Julie Goodnight at one of her clinics at one of the premiere horse facilities, Grand Oaks Resort, in Florida. You get to meet the participants and see how Julie deals with so many horses, so many people and how Julie works to improve their relationships. Highlighting the second day, afternoon session.