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In addition to my Interactive Academy Membership, I’m excited to offer my new short courses! These are focused in on single topics you want to hear about most. If you’re enrolled already, click on your course to get started. Not enrolled yet? Click on you can click on any course in the list to see what each one offers. 

Questions or suggestions? Contact us anytime here or call us from 9:00am – 5:00pm MT Monday – Friday and my team will be happy to help you.

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Interactive Academy Membership (Level 1)

Units 1-6 for the Interactive Academy Membership.

Interactive Academy Membership (Level 2)

Units 7-12 for the Interactive Academy Membership.

Build Your Confidence with Horses

This is a complete course of self-study that will help you intellectualize your emotions, understand the effects of fear, know what you can do to counteract the emotion and how to develop a concrete plan to overcome your fear and gain confidence. The short course includes all the study resources you will need, including videos, audios and other exclusive study materials. You’ll do exercises to improve your confidence in the saddle and on the ground; have assignments and worksheets to complete; and you’ll receive a digital certificate upon completion.

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