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  • Here’s a quick tip for a plan to recondition your horse if they’ve been off for a while. Thanks to Cosequin Equine for sponsoring this tip!

  • Here we are at the peak of riding season and I’m happy to report that our horses are all healthy and sound, even our foster horse, Doc Gunner. For the last 90 days, Gunner has more or less been the c […]

    • Training Annie into being a gelding….love it!

    • What a wonderful job you are doing with Gunner. I have a rescue horse. She is about eleven years old. She came to me when she was about two. What a scared, untrusting, but sweet girl she was and is. I named her Annie, and yes she knows her name. She never ceases to amaze me. She learns lightning fast and doesn’t seem to forget what I have taught her. I just have to touch her chest and quietly say “back”, and she backs to let me pass. I could go on about her accomplishments. If I were A LOT younger, I would take in another horse, but I have three to care for and that keeps me quite busy. I just wish that people would treat their animals with responsibility. They just aren’t a toy that can be left in a shed. They require care for many years.

  • Barbra Schulte interviewed Julie Goodnight for this recording. She specifically asked how Julie grows a connection with a horse and builds trust.

  • Article by Absorbine: Professional Julie Goodnight weighs in with some tips
    Whether you’re headed out to the first show of the “season” or keeping a horse quarantine clean, with ShowSheen® from Absorbine®, you can […]

  • Tack and equipment play an important role in riding and training horses. Knowing the options and making the right choices can make a huge difference in your riding. The four natural aids of the rider […]

  • Dear friends, I’m not sure whether I’m sad to see summer wane or glad to see this year halfway behind us. The not-knowing-what’s-next is hard for everyone, myself included. I miss helping horses […]

  • I grew up in central Florida, riding year-round in the steamy heat. As a young girl, most of my summer riding was done bareback, barefooted, in a bathing suit (much to my mother’s chagrin). As a teenager, I s […]

  • All the excitement around my barn in the last month was about Doc Gunner, my new “foster horse.” He arrived at our place on June 18th after a long haul from Oklahoma City. Doc Gunner is a 4-y […]

  • After almost two decades of being a road warrior, traveling 20-30 times a year to clinics and public speaking at horse fairs and conferences, I suddenly found myself grounded when travel came to a screeching […]

  • For my horses, not much has changed during the pandemic. For me, I’m adjusting to a  new rhythm that does not include packing and unpacking. Being stuck at home, I thought I’d have more time to ride […]

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  • Like my fruits and vegetables, I prefer my horses fresh. It’s clearly not for everyone, but I enjoy riding a horse that’s a little bit excited, that’s looking down the road, eager to get there […]

  • Build Your Confidence with Horses

    This is a complete course of self-study that will help you intellectualize your emotions, understand the effects of fear, know what you can do to […]

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  • Unless you have the luxury of loading up your horses and heading to Arizona or south Florida for the winter, chances are good your riding activities have been seriously curtailed by winter weather. Whether […]

  • As a voracious reader, I often reference books when I’m teaching or public speaking. Typically, that leads to questions from other voracious readers about what horse books I recommend. With the start of a n […]

    • Hi Julie,

      I was excited to read your list of favorite books. I too, am an avid reader and am always looking for recommendations. I love my Kindle and start and end every day with it in my hands. I like Mark Rashid’s books and especially liked his book called Considering the Horse. It’s a book I can read over and over. I’m very interested in true stories about horses with problems and how horsemen work to understand how to fix the problem with the horses best interest in mind.

      A book you read that I am interested in is Understanding the Ancient Secrets of the Horses Mind by Dr. Robert Miller. I listened to a Podcast that featured Dr. Miller and he was so interesting!

      I have read all of the fiction books you mentioned. It appears we have similar taste in fiction, so I think you might like a book that is my favorite fiction book of 2019 called The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. It’s about a family that tries to find a new beginning in a remote part of Alaska. I hope they make this book into a movie!

      I also want you to know that I’m excited about your goals. I completed your online academy a few years ago and loved it. I would love to learn more from you and I miss picking your brain about training.

      Wishing you a wonderful 2020!


    • Several of these I’ve already read and loved and a couple were on my to-read list. Thanks for sharing! Always love to get suggestions from a fellow reader especially on horse books.
      Looking forward to seeing you in my home state of Tennessee in February, super excited!

    • Thank you for sharing your favorite books. Mark Rashid writes wonderfully. I, too, am a voracious reader… just never enough time. A silver lining to being sick over the holidays was the uninterrupted reading time. I read Stable Relation: A memoir of horses, healing and country living by Anna M Blake and Hope . . . From the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us About Presence, Strength, and Awareness by Kathy Pike. Thoroughly enjoyed both books. I hope others share what they have been reading.

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