• Horse Tip Daily #931 – Cantering Tips from Julie Goodnight

  • It was about 34 years ago that I took the big plunge and started my own business, Goodnight Training Stables. Back then, I simply imagined a fun and active life, training and caring for horses. Little did I […]

    • My heart is with you. This happened to a friend of mine during a ride in New Mexico. It’s a sudden emptiness I could still sense as we visited the gravesite on trail rides years later.

      The sweet part of it is that, like a performer going out on tour, the horse’s entire life was full and complete to the last minute. How joyful and triumphant, as well as sad for those who miss him.

      Thank you for carrying on., and may your memories and the days ahead be blessed.

    • I just want to leave a message for Julie.

      First of all, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us all.. I have enjoyed your approach with horses.

      Secondly, I am so very sorry for your loss of Eddie… He sounded like a wonderful horse. In fact with every description that you shared about him, he sounded like my horse, Blaze. Those kind of horses are rare. It’s so difficult to loose a loved one. My heart goes out to you.

      Bless you, Diane Carpenter

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Eddie. I was so excited when you got him. Such a stud with his blood lines and his will to please. Just know Derrick and I are thinking of you and Rich. Eddie was one of a kind but Eddie is running around with all the mares now in heaven. We will all miss him. Just wish I got to meet. that little red cutie. Love to all 😘

    • I’m so sorry to hear about Eddie! it sounds like he was a wonderful horse. My thoughts are with you….

    • Dear Julie,

      I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Eddie. I was just listening to your podcast today where you mentioned him and how he would be a good citizen.
      You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know your heart must really hurt. I’m so sorry.

      Warm regards,
      Danielle D.

    • I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss of Eddie! ❤️🐴Heartfelt thoughts are with you, your family and all of your business/farm family.. Thank you for sharing Eddie with all of us!

    • Julie, this has me in tears. I am so sorry for such a sudden loss. Thank you for sharing with us. Molly (interactive member)

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  • My horses claim about 10 of our 15 acres of land, which you’d think would be plenty for half a dozen horses. Our house, barns, arenas, offices, and a warehouse are squeezed into a corner of the property and the r […]

  • “Does my horse have a sense of fairness?” Recently, one of my Interactive Academy members asked me this question—a question that no one has ever asked me during my forty years of teaching people to ride horse […]

  • When I was a kid, horses and ballet lessons were the only non-school activities I did. I went to the barn every single day to ride my horse. Life was uncomplicated then and time was on my side; carving out time to […]

  • Julie Goodnight Q&A

    Q: How do I get my horse to move out at the trot without breaking into a lope? He’s a western horse learning dressage and the extended trot is part of the pattern we are working on. — ‪Jen V […]

    • This is extremely helpful Julie! You always give such clear step by step instructions. Thanks for keeping us learning and safe! Irene

  • Q: How tight should I tighten my horse’s cinch—and what is the right process. I don’t want to hurt my horse and I want to make sure he never becomes cinchy. –Pam Friend, via e-mail


    A: How tight the cinch ne […]

  • Q: My horse consistently breaks gait from a lope to a jog on the right lead. What may be causing this? –Haley White

    A: This is an interesting question—and I wish I had a few more details. If the horse only b […]

  • Julie Goodnight Q&A
    Feed-Time Aggression; Maintaining the Right Lead

    Q: Why do some horses feel threatened when it comes to their food, and in return behave in an aggressive way at meal times? What can I do to […]

  • By: Heidi Melocco with Julie GoodnightTop trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight gives you three fun activities designed to enhance the bond you have with your horse and solidify your role as herd leader. During cold […]



    Online extra! For Julie Goodnight’s tip on using color-coded reins for kids, go to TrailRider.com.


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  • A Safe Handle on the Reins


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    Sharon Miner, the author of the Beloved Horses series, will be traveling from her home in Tampa to the Mid-Atlantic region in early May for her 2015 Beloved Horses Book Tour. […]

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    Master Each Gait
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    • Hi so the problem I had on my last trail ride was my horse was jigging and when I would go to slow him down he tosses his head and has popped up his front hooves. He hasn’t reared but the popping up when I ask to stop or slow down makes me nervous. He tried it also in the pasture when the other horse was a little distance away heading to the barn. I haven’t had this problem until my 2 recent rides out of the arena this year. What is the best way to handle this?

  • I bought Eddie in the spring of his 3 year old year; he was a handsome and sensible youngster with a great pedigree. A very ‘typey’ stock horse, he stood 14.2 hands and weighed in at about 950; now he is sev […]

    • Hi Julie!

      I love your Eddie stories! Please write more about this special guy and definitely more videos of you riding him and teaching us from horseback on Horse master. I bought your circle y monarch trail saddle in wide for Cody, my gorgeous paint. He’s 15.2, 1200 lbs and a Steady Eddie like your boy We both love how comfortable the saddle is for long trail rides and arena work.

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    Stupid Human Tricks: Unsafe Mistakes We Make Around Horses

    If you get too comfortable around a horse (even one that you have a great relationship with), you may put […]

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