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Horses are Survivors

By Julie Goodnight Have you worked with a rescued horse or a horse with abuse in his past? The lessons learned from working with these troubled-but-not-disposable horses are priceless. If you let them, these horses
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Nervous Horse

Solid training advice to get a troubled horse headed toward recovery.
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Head Shy

Make progress with an “advance and retreat” approach to your head shy horse.  
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Understanding Spurs

Question: Dear Julie, My understanding is that spurs are to be used to back up a request if the horse is not responding or to make a cue more clear as in lateral work. I
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My Horse Spooks At Traffic

Dear Julie, I rescued a Standardbred mare two years ago. She was badly abused by her previous owner and has shown some residual signs of fear. The problem that I now have with her is
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Leg-Sensitive Horse

Leg-sensitive Horse Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, I have been given a 12 year old gelding that I am very much attached to and enjoy riding. The problem is that he has had
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