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Horse Illustrated – Julie Goodnight Q & A

Cheating the Circle During Round Pen Work; Following the Herd Hierarchy at Feed Time Q: How can I get my horse to longe or round pen in a complete circle? He keeps cutting in to
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Feeding Frenzy

Dear Julie, I have just taken in two mares, ages 27 and 20. Both were well trained as performance horses in their youth, but have recently been neglected and poorly fed (pastured on 140 acres
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Teach Your Horse To Slow Down

Speed Demon: Teach your horse to slow down on command Dear Julie, My 12-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse is always in a hurry—even to get around the arena! I’m always pulling back on her mouth to
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Overcoming Fear: How To Be In Control And Feel Safe

Question: Hi Julie, I am a beginning rider, and have been taking lessons twice a week for about three months now. I have wanted to learn to ride since I was a little girl so
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