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For No Apparent Reason: Learning to understand why horses behave the way they do

When folks tell me about problem behaviors, I hear one phrase often. I admit I’ve even said it myself when I was a young trainer. “For no apparent reason, my horse….” You can fill in
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Episode 724 – Outward Bound– Behind The Scenes

Julie Goodnight helps a barn-sour horse follow his rider’s lead and head out on the trail alone
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My Horse Is Herd-Bound And Barn Sour

My horse is herd-bound and barn-sour–calling to others constantly Would your horse rather stay with his buddies? Is he letting his voice be known? Follow Julie Goodnight’s behavior and training advice to help your horse
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Issues From The Saddle: Gate Sour Horse And A Tom Thumb Bit

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Julie, You have a similar question presented to you being great on the trail but terrible in the arena that you have already answered. That statement is also
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Issues From The Saddle: Distracted Herd-Bound Horse

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, I was at your clinics last year at the Equine Affair Massachusetts. I tell you, you were the greatest trainer there! My horse, Rufus (an 8
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Horse Master with Julie Goodnight

Episode 418 – Fresh Grounds

Fresh Grounds: Teaching a horse to relax and not bolt at new show grounds
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Episode 315 – Mustang Mascot

Mustang Mascot: Julie Goodnight works with a mustang that gravitates toward the arena gate
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Episode 219 – Rearing To Go

Rearing to Go: Julie Goodnight helps a frustrated trail rider keep her horse moving forward and from rearing
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Episode 210 – Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound: Julie Goodnight teaches a worried rider to cope with herd-bound tantrums
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