Tack – Cheek Piece

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For many horses, particularly in the winter when the hair coat is very thick, pulling the bridle over the ears is a tight fit and can cause a lot of momentary discomfort in the horse’s mouth. If you drop the cheek piece down a few holes before you bridle, it is much easier to pull […]

Horse Tip Daily #16 – Julie Goodnight On Metal Rein Clips

Horse Tip Daily #16 – Julie Goodnight on Metal Rein Clips http://horsetipdaily.horseradionetwork.com/horse-tip-daily16-julie-goodnight-on-metal-rein-clips/  

Talk About Tack: Snaffle To Curb

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Question: Dear Julie, I am currently schooling and riding in a D-ring snaffle bit. I want to start training for Western Pleasure. What kind of shank bit do you recommend for the transition? Thanks, Kim Answer: Kim, In most rule books, horses six years old and up are required to show Western in a curb […]

Bitter Taste

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Recently I taught a clinic with about 30 4H kids. Surprisingly, they were all mounted on pretty decent horses and most of the kids had appropriate tack and rode reasonably well. They were all good students and it was a fun and successful clinic. Afterwards one of the mothers asked me about her daughter’s horse, […]

Does Your Bit Fit?

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Check Your Bit Fit Most riders either inherit a bit when they purchase a horse or do their best to pick one off the shelf. But how many riders actually check the fit of their horses’ bits and know for sure if they have the right ones for their horses? Your horse’s mouth size and […]