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Resources for bitting system
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Bitting System

Using The Goodnight Bitting System The self-correcting bitting system I use is often called an elbow pull and it is a long harness leather cord with snaps on each end. To use the bitting tool,
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Quick Tip: Help Your Horse Collect with Natural Pressure

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Riding The 20+ Year Old Horse

Q: Has Julie written any articles or done any tv shows on riding the 20+ year old horse? I have a mare that is 21 and has been a pasture pet the last couple of
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Issues From The Saddle: How Much Does Conformation Have To Do With Movement

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Hi, I have a 5 year old QH gelding that is tall and not very muscular. He has a long back and legs and I wonder if that
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Talk About Tack: Elbow-Pull Bitting Device, Goodnight Bitting System

Question Category: Talk about Tack Question: Hi Julie, You had mentioned in one of your Q & A’s a product called, a self-correcting bitting device. What is it and where can you purchase it? Thanks
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