April 2020 Horse Report

In the four weeks since my last horse report, we have been on lockdown. Most Americans, and indeed people all over the world, are affected by this pandemic but for each of us, the effects are different. Some of you are separated from your horses, because boarding facilities are not allowing access. Some of us […]

Raised with Manners

This is the online streaming version of the video you can watch online or on any device! (Unless you are receiving this free streaming version as a part of a DVD sale special, you will not receive a DVD with this purchase. You will be able to watch repeatedly with your online account. To opt […]

Relationship Fix Series

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Relationship Fix Series   Bonding Dos and Don’ts   By Julie Goodnight with Heidi Melocco   Top trainer Julie Goodnight discusses how to show your horse affection without deteriorating your leadership in your herd of two.   How do you show your horse affection while also maintaining respect? There’s nothing wrong with having a bond […]

Teaching Babies Not To Bite

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Babies, Don’t Bite! Babies like to have their mouths on everything. But the behavior that helps them learn to nurse and get nourishment can become annoying and even dangerous if allowed to continue past the first months of life. Lipping behavior (when the horse puts his lips on you and nuzzles) leads to nipping (a […]

Starting Over With A Fractious Horse

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In the episode of Horse Master that we aptly called “Starting Over,” we worked with Clare and her horse “Lux” at a farm outside of Portland, Oregon. Our shoot site, Tanz-Pferde Dressage Farms (www.tanz-pferde.com, the name means dancing horses) was a beautiful backdrop. We shot in their new outdoor arena and were surrounded by incredible […]

Establishing Dominance

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Question: I tend to be a big softy when it comes to dealing with my horse. Now I have created a horse that knows this and takes advantage of me, especially when doing groundwork. He pushes me and tries to pull me when I am leading. He does not do this to my husband, so […]

No Biting Allowed

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In the Horse Master episode, “Raising Her Right,” I worked with Elaine Shabazian, a longtime horsewoman and Friesian breeder with a farm on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Elaine was recovering from knee surgery and wanted to make sure she was doing all she physically could to prepare her young Friesian filly for an upcoming breed […]

Teach Your Horse To Lower His Head

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Caption: help your horse achieve a low headset and look calm and collected. Riding Right with Julie Goodnight Star Gazer: Teach your horse to lower his head Dear Julie, Do you have any suggestions for helping me set my horse’s head? She’s not too bad at home but at shows she raises her head and […]

Barn Rules, Cleanliness & Respect At Feeding Time

Like most horse trainers, when it comes to my barn, I run a tight ship and I like things very orderly and very systematic. Even though my barn is totally private—no outside horses for training, no boarders, no clients—for my horses and my staff, I have high expectations. Rules for Horses: Having happy, well-behaved horses […]

Keeping Your Horse Healthy Through The Stages Of Life Part 1: The Young Horses

Keeping Your Horse Healthy Through the Stages of Life Part 1: The Young Horses In the small town where I live, we have a large school complex with three different buildings– the elementary, the middle school and the high school, each with a specific program designed to meet the particular needs of each age group. […]

Raise Your Foal Right

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Recently I was in Hamilton, New Zealand, as a clinician at EquiDays— their national horse expo. I met a lot of great people there, including three talented horsewomen, who were demonstrating their skills in a colt-starting challenge. I was the emcee for the event, explaining what they were doing in the three round pens, as […]

The Great Escape

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This is the episode that is airing this week on Horse Master—it’s about a horse that learned to run off every time his owner longed him. It is one that stands out in my memories for many reasons. Not the least of which that this was a case of a horse that learned bad behavior, […]