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Question: Hi Julie, Do you have any recommendations as to brands, types of sports bras which are most effective for riding (minimizing bounce)? Thanks!

AH, Missouri

Answer: Hi Althea,

Thanks for the question, but I am afraid I am not overly qualified to answer it; if you get my gist 😉 I prefer to ride in an undershirt like they make for aerobics/workout clothes (with a sports bra built in). That is enough support for me and I do not have constriction around my ribcage, which bothers me when I ride.

But in my teaching, I repeatedly see riders whose equitation is compromised by collapsing inward at the sternum, causing a bracing in the upper abdomen and a rounded upper back. I see the riders trying to control the bounce with their upper arms and posture, which helps with the bounce but has a very negative impact on equitation. All riders, even big breasted ones, need to lengthen the upper back, lift the sternum and ribcage and open the shoulders for better position and balance, a softer ride and better communication with the horse.

The good news is that one of my best friends is a very serious competitive rider on the appaloosa circuit and she is much better endowed than I, and she has rendered her opinion of the ultimate NO bounce bra below.


Ah, the eternal question! I have indeed found the perfect bra for NO bounce riding. It ain’t pretty but it really does work. It’s made me much more confident about my riding in the show ring. This bra was actually recommended to me by another horsewoman. There is a company called Title Nine Sportwear for Women which offers a complete line of sports bras and rates them on a scale of 1 – 5 barbells, this bra is the only one that rates a 5 barbell. It’s made by Enell and is style #NL 100. 1-800-828-7661 is the number that is on the tag in the bra. Title Nine has a really nice website if you would like to check it out.

Best of Luck!

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