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Bridle path trimming
Here’s a quick tip about clipping your horse’s bridle path. Although bridle path length varies in expectations with breed and discipline, in general, less is more. For Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred type horses, the bridle path should be fairly short—just long enough to accommodate the headstall of the bridle. For gaited breeds and the more ’upright’ breeds, such as Arabians, Morgans and Saddlebreds, the bridle path is often cut long to enhance the look of the horse’s long, elegant neck.

If you are unsure about the proper length of bridle path to cut, gently lay the horse’s ear back on his neck and make sure the bridle path is not longer than the horse’s ear. To make the mane lay nicely over the horse’s neck, at the wither-end of the bridle path, cut a 45º angle underneath the mane. Always make sure your clippers are clean and oiled so you get the best cut the first time.