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Resources for bridling
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“Bit” Of A Problem

What to do when your horse fights taking the bit.  
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Quick Tip: Basics For Bridling Your Horse

Basics for Bridling Your Horse – When you bridle your horse, you need to maintain control while gently slipping the bit inside his mouth, pulling the crownpiece behind his ears, securing the throatlatch, and adjusting
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Bridling And Un-Bridling

Horse Master How To “Heads Up” Teaching a horse to lower his head and accept the bit and bridle By Julie Goodnight In the Horse Master episode we named “Heads Up,” I help a horse
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Quick Tip: Tip: Bridling Clip

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Issues From The Ground: Difficult To Bridle

Question Category: Issues from the Ground Question: Our horse, a 12-year-old quarter horse, has started a bad habit. Recently we had our vet float his teeth and since then he fights taking the bit. He
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