Starting Over With A Fractious Horse Logo

In the episode of Horse Master that we aptly called “Starting Over,” we worked with Clare and her horse “Lux” at a farm outside of Portland, Oregon. Our shoot site, Tanz-Pferde Dressage Farms (, the name means dancing horses) was a beautiful backdrop. We shot in their new outdoor arena and were surrounded by incredible […]

Horse Behavior: New Bucking Behavior Logo

Question Category: Horse Behavior Question: I have a 5-year-old Mustang…she is very docile. Recently she has started bucking when she doesn’t want to do something, like when we work around the cones, or do ring work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Answer: This is an interesting training issue. Of course, before you address it […]

Cantering Help: Bucking Fits At Canter Logo

Question: Dear Julie, I have a bit of an issue with bucking (sometimes so unexpectedly…) when asking my mare to lope (slow canter). If I let her go off at her own pace (at a gallop) she is usually fine but if I ask her to go forward but at the same time hold her […]