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Cinching Up Just Enough – Julie Goodnight Q & A

Q: How tight should I tighten my horse’s cinch—and what is the right process. I don’t want to hurt my horse and I want to make sure he never becomes cinchy. –Pam Friend, via e-mail
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Cinch Up Your Horse Saddle Right

When you saddle your horse, secure your horse saddle’s points of attachment in the proper order to keep the saddle in place. If your horse takes a step when the saddle isn’t properly secured, he
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Learn the different riggings for western saddles.  
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How To Settle Your Cinchy Horse

Is your trail horse cinchy? That is, does he act up when you saddle him, even before you reach for the cinch or girth? (Generally the term “cinch” is used for a Western saddle and
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Saddle Trees Fit And Riggings

Saddle Trees Fit and Riggings I’m often asked about saddle fit and tack— what’s the best type of saddle tree for my horse? How do I know if my saddle fits? And how should I
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On The Trail Survival Guide

Even if you haven’t had a big wreck with your horse, you’ve imagined what can happen out on the trail. You’ve felt your stomach tie in knots as you headed up a steep hill, passed
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Keeping Saddle On

Dear Julie, My friends and I have a problem with our saddles rolling over to the side when we get on. My horse in particular has a flat broad back with wide withers. Any suggestions?
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Horse Master with Julie Goodnight

Episode 309 – Don’t Cinch Me In

Don’t Cinch Me In: Julie Goodnight helps a horse accept the girth without spooking
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