Saddle Fit Do-Over

Julie and Annie Assessing Saddle Fit

Assessing your tack—in terms of its condition, fit to the horse, and appropriateness for the horse’s discipline and level of training—should be ongoing, but doing a thorough assessment should happen at least once a year. For me, New Year’s Day is the time I like to plunge into my horse’s saddle fit, consider what goals […]

Troubleshooting Behavior Issues

This is the online streaming version of the video you can watch online or on any device! You will not receive a DVD with this purchase but you will be able to watch repeatedly with your online account. To opt for the DVD delivered by mail, click here to shop >> Whether your […]

Saddled Down Logo

Dear Julie, My new gelding has started lying down when I put his saddle on. When I first had him on his two-week trial, he was in poor physical condition—his ribs showed. He had been grazing on three sparse acres. He hadn’t been ridden or exercised in months. The vet said he also had some […]

Advance And Retreat Logo

While shooting a Horse Master episode on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts I was introduced to a woman, Vickie Thurber, who had an accident with her young pinto eventing horse and wanted help introducing “Poco” to new possibly scary stimuli. She wanted to make sure he—and she—knew what to do if he spooked again. In their […]

Desensitizing Logo

Good Day! Recently  on Horse Master is an episode filmed in LA about a driving pony who was deathly afraid of anything plastic—bags, tarps and the like. Her owner, a very competent horsewoman who I have known from clinics, had been working for some time to desensitize the mare, but to no avail. Like many […]