Mastering the Canter

Julie Cantering

Everywhere I go—whether it’s to clinics, expos, conferences or just riding with friends—there are riders working on mastering the canter. Whether it is a novice rider just figuring out how to cue the horse and keep it going, a rider trying to slow down the gait and smooth out a wild ride or an advanced […]

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Dear Julie, I’m a bit confused about rein aids—how they differ in English and Western riding. I’ve been hearing terms like direct and direct opposition, indirect and indirect opposition. What do these terms mean and when do you use them while riding? Signed, Reining in the Answers. Dear Reining in the Answers, Excellent questions—rein cues […]

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Question: Hello Julie, My horse has been off all summer due to an injury and I would like suggestions as to how I can get him in shape for spring. I will work with him all winter and need help with a plan. Can you help us? Thank you, Karen Boise, Idaho Answer: Karen, When […]

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Ask Julie Goodnight: What’s the difference in Western and English riding? Especially when it comes to “contact?”… Question: Dear Julie, I have ridden Western for the last 20 years, and have trained my horses based on the resistance free method or natural horsemanship as it is most commonly known today. I ride my current horse […]

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In every clinic that I teach, there are riders eager to canter; all they want to do is canter-canter-canter and maybe work on lead changes. Then there are those that want to canter but dread it, especially with 15 horses in the pen and everyone watching; and there are those that have no interest in […]