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Resources for cueing
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Riding Bridleless, Part 1 from Horse Illustrated

Julie talks about what you need to know before you even think about taking off the bridle. See the PDF>>Bridleless Preparation PDF
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Canter Malfunctions

Top trainer Julie Goodnight helps you analyze your riding posture and prepare you for the perfect canter. Find out how rider errors contribute to wrong leads and more. By Julie Goodnight with Heidi Melocco PHOTOS
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Bad Manners

Help for a horse owner whose gelding has less than desirable ground manners.  
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Riding Skills: Making Smooth Gait Transitions

Clinician Julie Goodnight tells you how to use pre-signals and breathing techniques to improve your horse’s transitions between gaits. Are your horse’s transitions between gaits as smooth as glass? Or do you hold your breath
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Horse Master with Julie Goodnight

Episode 307 – Side Order

Side Order: Julie Goodnight teaches a rider the cues to side pass with her horse
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