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Question: Hi Julie,

I just purchased an 8 year old Quarter Horse mare with a background in cutting. She is a really sweet horse and goes great at the walk and trot. But just recently I asked her to go into a lope and she decided she wasn’t going to do that. I was going down a slight slope already and when she crow-hopped I fell over and landed on my head and neck. I ended up in the ambulance with a backboard and neck collar to go to the hospital for x-ray’s. Luckily nothing was broken.

I am a 59 year old rider and some have told me the horse is too athletic with that cutting bloodline. Is there a fact to that or can a horse like that be a calm sensitive trail riding horse? I am between selling her and going with a mini horse and cart or trying to work it out with her. I am really confused. Please help!!

Thanks, Lila

Answer: Lila,

This may not be the right horse for you and/or, she may be too young for you. With bucking at the lope, you always have to consider both a physical issue and a training one. There are some Q&As from my website that address this.

Yes, cutting horses are bred to be sensitive and “looky”. That is, they are bred to key into movement and react quickly. Along with these traits, you tend to get horses that are sensitive to novel stimuli. These are not ideal qualities in a trail horse. Your mare may be more horse than you are ready to deal with at your age and station in life. Besides, this is supposed to be fun, remember?

We have several cutting-bred and cutting-trained horses and they are all good out on the trail—but they’ve spent a lot of time on the ranch and most of them are older than your horse. A couple of them are for sale, but I probably wouldn’t show them to you if you were looking to buy, because they are not the right type horse for you.

Remember, life’s too short not to enjoy every minute of it and, let’s face it, we don’t bounce like we used to! Get the right horse. See my horse sales articles for information on what I look for in horses.

Enjoy the ride! Julie

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