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Do You Need To Analyze Your Hay?

by Juliet M. Getty Ph.D. | Feb 24, 2015 | Many horses rely entirely on hay for their forage needs. Is hay nutritious? Not very. Hay is dead grass; it no longer contains many of
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Your Mare’s Pregnancy: Nutrition For The Final 3 Months

by Juliet M. Getty Ph.D. | Dec 18, 2015 | During the first 8 months of pregnancy, your mare may be fed like any other horse, with a balanced, quality diet. But things are changing
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What Supplements I Feed My Horses

With a high-quality forage, horses may not need concentrates or supplements at all, but all my horses get supplements because I want them to look and feel their best. For the most part, my horses
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Safety Concerns: Introducing To New Herd, New Feed

Question Category: Safety Concerns Question: Hi Julie, I am going to be moving my quarter horse mare (4 yr old) from a stall barn to a 3 acre pasture with 2 other mares who are
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