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My Horse Goes Where He Wants To Go

Does your horse always cut the corners in the arena? Does he veer around little obstacles—such as puddles—even though you told him to go straight through? Do your circles become smaller and smaller as you
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Fix A Grass Grabber

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight tells you how to stop your horse from grabbing mouthfuls of grass during trail rides. Q. My young Quarter Horse gelding is always grabbing a “snack” while I’m riding through tall
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Mind Your Manners

Your actions may encourage your horse’s food aggressive behavior.  
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Becoming The Leader

Question: I need advice for my daughter and her horse. My daughter is 10 years old and very interested in riding, however she lacks confidence in riding. Her horse has come to figure this out.
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Dominance Rehabilitation

Question: I have a very dominant 9-year-old Tennessee walker. He is very proud, and was abused and starved. I’ve had him for 3 years. I am having problems with him on the ground and in
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Establishing Dominance

Question: I tend to be a big softy when it comes to dealing with my horse. Now I have created a horse that knows this and takes advantage of me, especially when doing groundwork. He
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Issues From The Saddle: Horse Bites When Saddled, Wrong Canter Leads

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: I have a 9 yr. old gelding that I have had for 3 yrs, I have shown walk trot English/Western for 2 yrs. My husband and myself are
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Issues From The Saddle: Gate Sour

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Hello, I am have a Tennessee walker and she rides around the arena fine until she passes the gate. Then it happens, she starts to walk sideways in
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Horse Behavior: Snaking Behavior

Question Category: Horse Behavior Question: Thanks for responding to my first email. Now, the deal is that the mare is neighing, which she has NEVER done in the year and half that I have had
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