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Confidence From The Core

As we age, our balance, core-strength and posture can be negatively affected and all of these things have an impact on your confidence. If you think of the image of an elderly person tottering down
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Winter Workouts – Ride Right With Julie Goodnight

The Trail Rider ~ January/February 2015   RIDE RIGHT WITH JULIE GOODNIGHT Winter Workouts Hone your horse’s manners and your leadership skills now for a better ride in the spring with these tips from top
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Horses That Kick

Expert advice to quell a kicking horse’s bad habits.  
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Fun Games And Exercises

Clear Fun with Julie Goodnight Fun Fundamentals with Julie Goodnight These are fun exercises to do with a friend or with your riding club. We’ll start on the ground then play and work in the
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Riding Skills: Sitting Trot

Question Category: Riding Skills Question: I ride an Arabian who has a very bouncy trot that I just can’t sit to. I ride in an event saddle that has a somewhat deep seat, but when
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