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Feed-Time Aggression Q & A

Question: Why do some horses feel threatened when it comes to their food, and in return behave in an aggressive way at meal times? What can I do to prevent food-time aggression and stay safe
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Feed-Time Aggression Fix Q & A

Question: Help! What do I do, my horses are crowding me when I go into their pen to feed them and it’s just scary to have them so close and on top of me. Plus,
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Feeding Frenzy

Dear Julie, I have just taken in two mares, ages 27 and 20. Both were well trained as performance horses in their youth, but have recently been neglected and poorly fed (pastured on 140 acres
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Barn Rules, Cleanliness & Respect At Feeding Time

Like most horse trainers, when it comes to my barn, I run a tight ship and I like things very orderly and very systematic. Even though my barn is totally private—no outside horses for training,
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Horse Behavior: Aggression At Feeding Time

Question: Hi Julie, First a “thank you” for all the help you have been to me in working on becoming a “natural Horseman”. My question is one regarding aggression at the feed bucket. I have
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Should You Be Around Your Horse While He’s Eating?

When I am at clinics and expos (about 35 weekends a year), I spend a lot of time talking to people about their horses and the problems they have, trying to offer advice about how
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