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Buying A Gaited Horse

Ask Julie Goodnight: What to look for in a gaited horse… Question: Hello Julie, I am looking at buying a Tennessee Walker. With my current horse, I am finding it a challenge to post. I’m
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Why Should You Post At All?

Ask Julie Goodnight: Why Should You Post at All? Question: Last month I asked about whether all riders should know how to post on the correct diagonal. Now it seems the question has changed to
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Sitting The Trot

Riding Right with Julie Goodnight Please Help me Sit the Trot! Dear Julie, My horse is a Friesian/Warmblood cross. Even though he moves beautifully, he has a big trot and he’s not exactly smooth. I
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Issues From The Saddle: How Much Does Conformation Have To Do With Movement

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Hi, I have a 5 year old QH gelding that is tall and not very muscular. He has a long back and legs and I wonder if that
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Horse Master with Julie Goodnight

Episode 502 – All The Angles

All the Angles: On Horse Master: helping a dressage rider find out if her horse is tracking up and using his hind end
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