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Julie Goodnight Q&A: Bit Tips

Question: I just purchased a seven-year-old gelding. The previous owner was riding him in a single-jointed snaffle bit. Now, I’m looking for a bit for him and he has responded badly to a D-ring snaffle,
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Trail Bits And Bridles

Improve your and your horse’s comfort and control on the trail with the right trail bridle and bit.  
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Why Do Horses Relax And Listen When I Use One Rein At A Time?

Ask Julie Goodnight: Why do horses relax and listen when I use one rein at a time? Question: Dear Julie, My riding instructor and I have a question regarding using one rein while riding. I’ve
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Issues From The Saddle: Tongue Over Bit

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, The question I have is for the Mountain Pleasure horse I bought about six months ago. He is a big sweetie, I love him dearly he
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