Feeding Transitions in the Spring

My horses claim about 10 of our 15 acres of land, which you’d think would be plenty for half a dozen horses. Our house, barns, arenas, offices, and a warehouse are squeezed into a corner of the property and the rest of the place is procured and manicured just for the horses. We have about […]

Add Serving Of Caution To The Tender Spring Grass

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 17, 2016 www.GettyEquineNutrition.com By Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.   Spring is almost upon us in most of the country, so it’s time to revisit that critical topic: spring grazing. Transitioning a horse from hay to pasture must be handled with care; this point is non-negotiable. For every horse, a gradual change […]

Horses That Graze on Pasture All Day Eat More Slowly

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Feeding Tips from Dr. Juliet Getty http://gettyequinenutrition.biz/Tipofthemonth/Tipofthemonth.htm Horses that graze all day on Pasture eat more slowly If you let your horse out to graze on pasture for only a few hours each day, and provide hay the rest of the time, you’ve likely noticed how he approaches the grass like a vacuum cleaner, barely […]